Case Study


Profital is a startup of the Direct Mail Company AG (DMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss Post. The company’s goal was to establish itself as the first provider of digital brochures on the web and as an app in Switzerland. Such a service would give Swiss retailers the opportunity to publish their local promotions digitally and target shoppers in an accurate and cost-effective way. Profital thus sought an experienced technological partner who could help it enter the market quickly while also saving money and resources that it otherwise would have spent on developing its own new solution from scratch.

The goals

  • To create the first online and mobile service for digital brochures in Switzerland
  • To provide clear and useful information for shoppers
  • To expand the reach of brick-and-mortar retailers’ offers and supplement their print brochures
  • To enter into the market quickly, and reduce costs and resources involved in launching the products

    The Approach

  • Technological partnership with the Offerista Group, one of the top providers of digital brochure publishing in Germany (with its apps barcoo and Marktjagd)
  • Offerista’s IT team produced a white label version of the Marktjagd app and the online portal with Profital’s look and feel
  • Close collaboration, including during the launch and marketing phases

    The results

  • Speedy implementation: it only took six months from the start of the collaboration until the products were launched in three languages in Switzerland
  • Strong reach: downloads and user numbers are steadily increasing
  • High software quality and user satisfaction: a lot of positive feedback and already over 500 “very good” ratings in the Google Playstore
  • Big interest in the retail sector: digital brochures are establishing themselves as a new channel for promotional communications in Switzerland

    « We have partnered up with the technically competent Offerista Group to bring the digital brochure business model to Switzerland. Thanks to Offerista’s expertise and mature technology, we saved a lot of time and resources that we otherwise would have had to put into building a completely new solution from scratch. »
    Raphael Thommen, Managing Director, Profital – A startup of the Direct Mail Company