Corona-Reboot: Effectively strengthen customer loyalty with Offerista Engage

Nowadays, there are a great number of performance channels when it comes to digital retail marketing. The invoicing models here form a colourful palette from ‘cost per click’ (CPC) through to ‘cost per mille’ (CPM) and ‘cost per push’ (CPP).

While developing its ‘Offerista Engage’ product, Offerista opted for a very charming method of cost calculation: cost per engagement. Due to the strong impact COVID-19 has had on the stationary retail market, retailers find “Offerista Engage” a format with enormous reach and significantly high cost efficiency for promoting their re-openings and promotions.

“Yes I’m in!”

These days, the visibility and awareness of a campaign is only half the battle. Interaction with the advertising material and an emotional reaction to the message is becoming ever more important and the ‘Engage’ format places great emphasis on this.

In order to guarantee optimum placement, the Offerista Group is working in partnership with its customers to develop a strategy for those target groups which should be exposed to the advertising material – including in terms of topic-related content online.


“No pig in a poke”

Transparency creates trust and connects people. That’s why an advertiser only really counts if a user interacts with their advert. This could be expressed by clicking on a banner or ‘leafing through’ an in-depth offer. Detailed daily reviews allow constant optimisation of how this is played out and helps retailers to securely place their offers and successfully involve their desired target group.


Offerista tripled interaction rate within one year with ‘Engage’

In collaboration with customers making bookings, the Offerista Group was able to increase the average interaction rate of its ‘Engage’ campaign to 15 percent within ten months. In May 2019, this figure was still around 4.8 percent. In addition to this increasing engagement rate, which represents a successful consolidation of the relevant target group, the innovative provider for digital retail marketing also achieved  a current figure of 3.5 percent for its click-through rate.

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