Staycations are the name of the game – this coronavirus summer will be spent at home

The new decade has started in a hugely unexpected fashion for everyone. The COVID-19 crisis has hit us like an unprecedented tornado, causing people across the world to rethink their plans. Six months ago, we wouldn’t have believed that such a great change was possible. But what the new decade is teaching us every day – young and old alike – is that anything is possible. While the virus poses major and unmanageable challenges for many people worldwide, the situation also offers positive opportunities.

With safety uppermost in their mind, the majority of the population is adapting to the new regulations. Thirty-three percent of Germans are feeling somewhat anxious, while 33 percent of Austrians are annoyed by the measures. (Source: Offerista study)

And what’s going on with your holiday plans this summer? 

Since the coronavirus lockdown, big trips are no longer an option. We have to concentrate on stopping the spread of the virus to the best of our ability. Many countries have introduced compulsory mask-wearing in public places, inspiring countless budding designers to make their own masks in every imaginable pattern and colour. People demonstrate their support for social distancing with hashtags. When it comes to shopping, the best thing to do is pay by card, and best of all, spend most of our time at home. #stayhome #staysafe

Despite a myriad of new rules, everyone is trying to make the best of this forced deceleration – until they feel the walls closing in.

Will we still be able to visit Mallorca this summer?
Indeed: from mid-June, German tourists will be able to travel to the popular holiday island as part of a pilot project. (Source:
However, virologists unequivocally advise against travelling abroad due to the current situation. #stayhome #staysafe 

So if you’ve had enough of the trip from the kitchen to the living room, keep it local and see what your own country or region has to offer this summer – you might be pleasantly surprised.

After all, there’s no place like home!
in an exclusive Offerista study for möbel kultur, 61 percent of consumers said that if they have to forgo their summer holiday, they can imagine investing in furniture this year. The focus is principally on the living room (39 percent), followed by the bedroom (32 percent) and the kitchen (29 percent). The garden & leisure sector (28 percent) and home decor (21 percent) were also popular choices. 

Perhaps the times we are living through have shown us that we don’t always have to drive a long way to experience a great adventure or to find relaxation. 

This summer could be all about new discoveries: try a new colour on the wall, explore a new corner of your city, build a tree house with the kids or buy a palm tree for your apartment and play Bob Marley song on your headphones for that summer vibe.