Powerful display ads with efficiency guarantee

Advertise across a wide-reaching network, activate new customers, increase sales, and only pay when consumers actually interact with your advert.

With Offerista Engage you can draw attention to your services and advertising messages. With our high engagement ads, we create tailored brand products for your products, services and content.

  • 100% personalise: We create advertising banners in your CI, optimised for your campaign objectives
  • Unlimited reach, and measurement up to POS
  • Programmatic advertising for brochures, and products including click-outs
  • Audience targeting: social, demographic, and geographical
  • Automatic creation, control, and real-time updates via API
  • Near-time optimization of engagements via Offerista-AI
  • Detailed reporting, and tracking pixel integration
  • Optimal Store Visit Tracking: You only pay if there is actual interaction with your advert (cost per engagement)
  • Attractive banner advertising, and innovative shopper marketing


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