Push notification campaign: KIA triples CTR to 17%


For the performance-oriented KIA campaign (Kia Xceed / October 2019), KIA sought new formats that support a CTR-focused and lead-oriented DO phase. Due to the good experience of working with wogibtswas.at GmbH, a member of the Offerista Group, appropriate targeting options for a new setup have been developed for the supervising agency Havas Austria.


The campaign had two main goals:

  1. Optimise options for targeting low-funnel users interested in competing car brands who have stayed longer at defined dealer locations and have been active in the app within the past eight weeks.
  2. Generate relevant traffic on the Kia landing page to increase new leads.

The defined target groups were addressed via the wogibtswas app for a period of eight weeks at the defined POIs using mobile push notifications with the advertising message; the targeting was further optimised over time to achieve even better KPIs. The framework:

  • Push message and visuals were always identical
  • Recurring link always externally to the Kia landing page

Within four campaign phases during which the targeting of push notification recipients was steadily optimised the CTR was almost tripled from 5.93% to 17.43%.

Conclusion of Havas Austria: “The CTRs we achieved are outstanding and prove that the defined targeting criteria for KIA offer great potential for optimising the quality of the target group. We’ve never been able to achieve such high CTRs before and will integrate geo-technologies with push notifications as an integral part of upcoming campaigns to generate relevant traffic.

“wogibtswas.at offers us many contemporary tools for reaching customers digitally, from constant digital product marketing to precise, geo-based push notifications. In particular, the variety of options for addressing the most valuable target group and avoid scattering losses offer great added value.“

Rene Petzner

Head of Marketing / KIA Österreich

About Offerista Group
The Offerista Group has the most extensive network for local push notification campaigns in German-speaking Europe. Offerista Group comprises a network of more than 3.7 million potential advertising contacts.
Wogibtswas.at is the Austrian member of the Offerista Group. It reaches more than 1.5 million unique users in the most wide-coverage network in Austria. Oliver Olschewski, Managing Director of the Wogibtswas.at points out: “Push Notifications are currently our top sellers. This solution enables to reach the most valuable target audience by direct pop up at users’ home-screen and due to a broad range of targeting possibilities.
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