“Think twice before you print!”
Because we want to do our bit to protecting the environment each day

We believe that everyone can protect the environment.

Whether it’s avoiding plastic, using energy from a green supplier or putting an insect hotel on your balcony – the little everyday practical tips are no longer a secret.

But how can a company contribute to protecting the environment?

Recycling, green energy and considerate use of the office printer speak for themselves and are part of everyday life at all Offerista Group branches.

“Team Orange” for the environment

We have set up a team across all branches to ensure that our office environments are eco-friendly. This might be a team colleague using a cloth bag to go shopping during their lunch break (to avoid using plastic bags). Opting for fair trade, organic and vegan food provides an alternative to animal products and leads to consuming in a more conscious way.

How do we protect the environment through digital retail marketing with our customers and partners?

At present, retailers still largely rely on print advertising with many flyers often ending up in the wastepaper bin without even being read. How can we stay informed of local offers?

We want to offer retailers paperless and simple alternatives to effectively send their advertising message to their target group in an environmentally friendly way.

As a Shopper Marketing Network, Offerista offers tailored marketing solutions from digital brochure distribution and display campaigns to complex omni-channel marketing. Receive non-binding advice at any time.

Environmental footprint as a business card

As part of the “Leaders for climate action”, we place great value on waste avoidance and recycling as well as secure energy (green electricity). Together with climatepartner.com, we were able to offset our carbon footprint in 2019 with 202.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions.