Dresden, 8th September 2020 – Despite the ongoing risk of becoming infected with Covid-19, survey participants are less worried about going shopping. This is the result of a recent survey of 702 Germans carried out by the Offerista Group. During lockdown in April, a third feared catching Covid-19 while out shopping. The recent survey shows that currently only 23 percent of German respondents feared becoming infected with the virus in shops.

More survey participants annoyed by coronavirus measures

Many participants are pleased that retail outlets have reopened and are also using them – more so among younger people than older people (18-24 years: 55 percent; older than 55 years: 40 percent). At the same time, an increasing number of German respondents are annoyed by coronavirus measures such as social distancing or wearing a mask inside shops: in April, around a quarter of those surveyed (28 percent) were bothered by the measures. This increased to 41 percent by the end of July. It is noteworthy that Germans aged between 25 and 44 years in particular find these regulations annoying. This also differs between urban and rural areas. Although more people in the countryside fear contracting Covid-19 while shopping, an increasing number of people there also consider the coronavirus measures to be cumbersome. By way of comparison: 40 percent of citizens in urbanised areas feel no different while shopping than before coronavirus.

Consumers particularly look for local and quality when it comes to products

More than half of those surveyed (58 percent) spend as much money as they did before coronavirus. Spending on groceries has increased in particular. For Germans aged over 45, quality and regionality plays an important role in their shopping choices, even more so than in April.

TV use continues to decrease

During lockdown, the need for Germans to access information was huge. The survey shows that use of TVs is now decreasing (April: 44 percent, July: 32 percent). Possible reasons for this could be relaxed restrictions, reduced short-time work, nice weather and the holiday season.

“Germans are feeling much happier about going shopping than they were at the start of the coronavirus pandemic a few months ago. Retailers are experiencing an upsurge, whereby quality and regional produce is becoming increasingly important,” says Benjamin Thym, Managing Director of the Offerista Group.


From 28th July to 3rd August 2020, Offerista surveyed 702 Germans aged 18 and over about their shopping behaviour during the coronavirus crisis. Offerista used its own app, Marktjagd, to complete the survey.

You can view the results of the Offerista survey here.

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