Dresden, 6 April, 2020  – The limitations on going out and forced closure of many businesses has had a negligible effect on the shopping frequency of Germans. Respondents are not shopping more often than before. This is the result of a recent survey of 3,972 Germans carried out by the Offerista Group. The majority of those surveyed currently want to shop locally.

Shopping frequency has not increased during the coronavirus crisis
People are currently required to stay at home. Only a few shops offering essential products, such as grocers, pharmacies or drug stores, are still open. A survey carried out by Offerista has shown that during the current crisis, consumers opted for bricks-and-mortar retail rather than online shopping. 78 percent of those questioned stated that they are not currently shopping online or that they prefer not to. The vast majority (91 percent) are not shopping more often. Most (49 percent) go shopping once a week, another 35 percent once every three days. Nine percent say they shop less than once a week and only 7 percent visit a store every day. The most popular products are food (95 percent), cleaning products and disinfectants (22 percent) and toilet paper (15 percent).

Despite the crisis, consumers don’t want to do without certain products
Certain products are obviously helping consumers to get through the challenging times we are all experiencing. At the moment, respondents are least able to do without books and games, home and garden products and cosmetics, as the survey shows.
“Consumers are sticking to bricks-and-mortar retail during the current crisis. They want to use local businesses, perhaps more than ever in times of solidarity. In local shops, they can usually get what they need without long delivery times. Bricks-and-mortar retailers are currently scoring points with consumers thanks to this immediate availability of products”, says Benjamin Thym, Managing Director of Offerista Group GmbH.

From 27 to 30 April, Offerista surveyed 3,972 Germans aged 18 and over about their shopping behaviour during the coronavirus crisis. Offerista used its own app, Marktjagd, to complete the survey. Additional figures can be requested by emailing

Webinar about retail and the coronavirus on 7 April at 2.30 p.m.
At the moment, there is no other topic having such an effect on the world of retail as the coronavirus. For this reason, the Offerista Group is streaming a webinar on 7 April at 2:30 p.m. for retail companies, brand manufacturers and journalists. Offerista Group CEO Benjamin Thym and Jörg Biefeld, member of the executive board at Media Central, will talk about the current situation, as well as discussing exclusive figures from the survey on consumer shopping behaviour during the coronavirus crisis. They will also cover the measures currently being demanded.
Watch the webinar video here:

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