Berlin, 3 May 2022 – In April 2022, Offerista Group, a specialist in digital trade marketing, implemented a campaign in the Metaverse together with SodaStream. Users of the online world Decentraland were shown large-scale, interactive billboards of the water sprinkler manufacturer, which were played out programmatically and automatically in the virtual world using the software 42Meta. The aim of the branding campaign was to reach new users on innovative channels.

Metaverse refers to digital, three-dimensional worlds of experience where people come together to play, shop, meet others or attend concerts. There are currently several platforms – one of the largest is Decentraland, with over 1.5 million users per year. This virtual world is browser-based and consists of 90,601 plots of virtual land, as well as amusement parks, a university and many other public spaces. Users can move through this world with the help of an avatar and find a wide variety of opportunities to occupy themselves with a variety of topics or to become creative themselves.

“We see ourselves as an innovative first mover and therefore see it as our mission to test new channels beyond the established cross-channel campaigns in order to always be at the cutting edge for retail companies and brand manufacturers,” says Nicole Bucher, CMO of Offerista Group. “The metaverse is gaining massive momentum at the moment. With clients who are open to innovation – such as SodaStream – we are testing programmatic brand presence in the digital world. Users are now on the move on all channels. By expanding campaigns in the metaverse, we are creating another channel for offer communication that will increase massively in relevance in the future.”

“The metaverse is currently a hype. With the test campaign, we want to be at the forefront, generate visibility for our brand and reach new target groups at the same time,” says Nele Leitschuh Head of D2C & Digital Marketing SodaStream Germany & Austria “We are always testing innovative and new ways to promote our products. With Offerista, we have found a trustworthy partner who supports us in the best possible way in the implementation of our campaign. ”

For the programmatic playout, Offerista Group worked with the software 42Meta – pioneer for Programmatic Metaverse campaigns.


About Offerista Group

As a shopper marketing network, Offerista Group GmbH offers tailored digital solutions for the location-based marketing of offers and branches. Offerista implements cross-channel campaigns to ensure that advertising messages are transported across a wide range of user-relevant channels. We make consumers so curious about products that they go to the shops and buy them. With a team of more than 120 employees throughout Europe, Offerista provides cross-channel support for retailer and manufacturer brands across all industries at every point in the customer journey. In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, it has further sites in Berlin, Essen, Vienna, Sofia, Budapest and Bucharest. The managing directors are Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym.

Offerista is one of the three initiators of the “Initiative Digitale Handelskommunikation” (IDH for short), which was launched in 2021.  The goal of the Initiative is to raise public awareness on the topic of digital trade communication as a future-oriented branch of industry.


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