Digital marketing options are becoming more complex on a daily basis, and new channels and technologies offer a wide range of options for communicating local offers. Using the wrong channels or not having the expertise to optimise campaigns are sure-fire ways to burn money.

With the average spend per customer in single digits, the focus of this household discount store is on local sales. It is seeking suitable digital channels to replace its existing print marketing activities in order to appeal to a younger target group and attract new customers to the branch. In addition, it wishes to develop a suitable marketing mix for seasonal peaks, such as Easter and back-to-school campaigns.


  1. Analysis of the status quo: competitive environment, target group(s), evaluation of existing measures (such as social media, CRM and website)
  2. Deep dive into the options offered by digital retail marketing: types of advertising throughout the customer journey, suitable invoicing models & KPIs in accordance with objectives
  3. Development of a marketing plan for seasonal peaks and year-round promotion of local offers
  4. Based on the results of the workshop, the Offerista Group, in coordination with Mäc-Geiz, undertook the implementation of several cross-channel campaigns to promote Mäc-Geiz’s 25th anniversary. The focus was on advertising promotional offers using suitable Google Ads formats (e.g. Lightbox), as well as extending their promotional flyer to include the Offerista network.

About Mäc Geiz
Mäc-Geiz is one of the largest German non-food discounters. The company’s core business is the non-food sector, including household items and everyday goods. The household discounter has established itself nationwide. It currently has around 290 branches in inner cities and nearby supply areas.

“The workshop with the Offerista Group revealed a huge amount of untapped potential, which we are now systematically working on exploiting. We started out with a lot of questions, and during the consulting process we received a detailed roadmap for our digital marketing. Thanks to its combination of extensive consultation with the management of digital campaigns, the Offerista Group has proved to be a first-class partner for communicating our digital offer.”
Matthias Leibe – Head of Marketing Mäc-Geiz

As experts with over 10 years of experience in digital retail marketing, we help retailers find the right marketing mix for their objectives, and efficiently manage their campaigns.Interested in an individual consulting appointment? Get in touch!

About the Offerista Group
The Offerista Group ( is the largest provider of digital retail marketing in the DACH region. Through its own channels and network of publishers (e.g. FOCUS Online, MeineStadt and Google), Offerista communicates retailers’ digital offering through cross-channel campaigns. This unique combination enables the company to address more than half of consumers locally through push-and-pull campaigns. Offerista links online measures to their impact on local businesses, thus meaning that the success of campaigns can be measured at the POS by tracking store visits and calculating sales contributions. The company employs over 100 people at its headquarters in Dresden and at sites in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Paris and Vienna. The managing directors are Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym.

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