Here at Offerista we’re busy shaping the shopping world of the future! Our shopping and product guides barcoo and Marktjagd have already been installed on 17 million smartphones, though our work is far from done: our goal is to create the best shopping service possible. That’s why we’re looking for you! At Offerista you’ll have the chance to work with nearly a hundred other creative minds while you implement your own ideas and continue to grow along with us.


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“My coworkers are great! I really like our team events and the flexible working hours. On top of that, I can take responsibility for my work and have the time to take professional training courses. That’s important to me.

Susanne Sporys, QA Manager in Dresden since April 2012


Berlin office
Dresden office

Berlin office

Dresden office

“What do I like about Offerista? It’s a great opportunity to work at a young company in an exciting industry. Right from the start my ideas were heard and I was able to work autonomously on projects. The friendly atmosphere, the work-life balance and the company culture are just a few more reasons why Offerista is an ideal employer for me.”
Arne Winkelmann, Account Manager in Berlin since November 2015




“At Offerista there’s just the right combination of being asked and encouraged to do things, and the tasks I’m assigned match my skill set perfectly. Plus, we have a young, dynamic team that works constructively with one another. It’s exactly how I imagined it being one year ago, when I decided to take the next step in my career. The work-life balance and regular team events are also big bonus points.”
Marcus Richter, Account Manager in Dresden since Juli 2015

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