Have You Seen My Client Specs? – Customer Centricity in the Retail Sector

A well-known phrase says: Seek and you shall find. And in some way, everyone is always looking for something: Some are meticulous in searching for the meaning of life, Germany periodically searches for the “superstar”, and business? Many businesses are looking for “client specs” as the topic of “customer centricity” becomes increasing important.

Reputable advertising agencies often pitch increasing innovative concepts for bottom up promotional messages. At times funny, sometimes below the belt, other times beyond good and evil, all seasoned with a pinch of “hipster” or zeitgeist: Every effort is made to ensure that the forwarded of the campaign for a new product gets the interest anticipated for a successful sales operation. You may think that the shorter and shorter innovation cycles press for increased creativity in the packaging of advertising messages.

However, does the stationary retail sector no longer help to put the focus more (once again) on its customers and indulge them “in store” with a ride on a glittering unicorn, rather than creating a world full of rainbows within the current advertising spot?

Business faces many challenges. A current study by KPMG shows that, indeed, many businesses use digitalisation for increasing efficiency and effectiveness which moves the customer experience and, therefore, the customers themselves, increasing into the background. (Source: https://www.absatzwirtschaft.de/)

Is Everything A Question Of Corporate Objectives?

Many traders promote their digital marketing, but only a few have a clear conception of their desired objectives – be it the short or long-term vision. A mere 5% of decision-makers think that a consistent experience throughout the customer journey is relevant for their target groups.

Here, the so-called “digital patchwork quilt” comes in, whose cracks and holes clearly invite the responsible departments of a business to take a closer look. (https://www.absatzwirtschaft.de/)

For many years, the Offerista Group has paid close attention to the “journey of their customers from retail and their clients”. Here, strategic advice and individual targeting are important components in establishing customer loyalty from campaigns and bringing end consumers into its area of interest. This also includes persisting for a while in the so-called problem area and putting on the “client specs”. This helps to envisage what needs the target group has and how a solution can be found using the “digital trade marketing” component. Customer Centricity functions on two levels: By being sensitive to the retailer and its campaign goals; and through the measurable successful activation of its clients during the digital advertising campaign.

No Two Clients Are The Same.

Marcel Bewersdorf, Managing Partner at HELMES BEWERSDORF likewise spoke at this year’s Offerista Drive2Store Summit in Köln about the relevance of customer centricity. In his speech, he described how the key to more customer proximity lies in the design of an authentic customer experience. Aside from the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of a given business, the SSP (Social Selling Proposition) and the ESP (Emotional Selling Proposition) must also be urgently and integrated into the planning of marketing strategies.

In this way, with subsequent campaign decisions, it’s possible to target how the how the client feels, make use of the client specs and considered whether a social need, such as “belonging” can also be served with the product being offered.

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