Part 1: Measurability



Digital or print? This is a question that pops up over and over again when it comes to  marketing communication and leaflet distribution. Which one is better? What benefits does one have over the other?

In our series of articles “Digital vs Print” we introduce the most important aspects of both.  In the first article you can get to know more about measurability in digital and print leaflet distributions.


People still read leaflets – but where?

Retailers build a lot of trust and put in huge amounts of effort into their leaflet campaigns. It is known that people still like the convenience of brochures and having the most interesting offers at hand. However, a lot has changed since the pandemic when it comes to the resources consumers use to get notified by the newest and best offers.


Printed leaflets can only follow consumers until their letterboxes

Even though consumers are used to reading leaflets, the regularity of reading printed leaflets has definitely changed over the years. During the pandemic, more and more people started avoiding physical contact as much as they could. Delivery became also a concern, as it was more difficult and more costly to deliver printed advertisements. But even if a retailer paid the extra money and made the extra effort for their printed leaflet campaign to happen, they could only follow those leaflets until the letterboxes of the territory they selected for distribution. It is very unlikely that one can reach an exact target audience and measure the effectiveness of their printed leaflets. This only might be possible with a lot of additional efforts, such as consumer surveys via phone – and even then one cannot be sure that the given answers are precise. 


Digital leaflets offer precise targeting and guarantee measurable results

Since more and more people check out digital content on a regular basis since 2020 there is also a bigger possibility of reaching a wider audience online. Not only are there more people retailers and brands can reach online, they also spend more time online – the global internet user spends almost 7 hours online each day. 

Through various multichannel marketing solutions it is possible to reach our target audience where they feel comfortable browsing content daily. Retailers and brands can define their target audience, create dedicated offers and even different leaflets for them and start advertising and optimizing while seeing their real-time reach. This is where the Offerista Native Network comes into play: it enables retailers to start a countrywide or even European-wide digital leaflet campaign reaching millions of customers. With over 1400 available platforms and apps, Offerista Group offers the biggest reach in Europe, generating over 10 million interactions for retailers and brands each month. The 10+ years of experience and over 150 professionals at Offerista enable their partners to manage their digital leaflet campaigns easily through one retail marketing provider even in multiple countries.


What if a retailer is not ready to let go of print completely but still wants measurable results?

Offerista Group is working on a Local Media Mix Modelling AI, which takes various data into account (like sales data, advertising refusal rate, commuter rate and competitive pressure) to calculate the most efficient print-digital ration of the given store or area. It will be able to constantly analyze, learn and optimize the media plan for each store/area which helps ROI to rise immensely.



Even though people still enjoy having the convenience of leaflets, it becomes more difficult to reach our target audience effectively through printed advertisements. Digital leaflets and multichannel marketing solutions offer a variety of tools that can each be used to reach different audiences efficiently and effectively. It will most likely take some years for consumers to switch completely to digital leaflets, but there is definitely a rise of popularity – not only for the consumers, but also for the retailers, who can easily see how well their digital leaflet campaigns are performing.


Curious to know more?

In our series “Digital or Print?” we introduce the most important differences between printed brochures and digital leaflets. In the next article you will get to know more about the costs and resources of printed brochures and digital leaflet campaigns. Stay tuned for our next post and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out!