We are a carbon-neutral company

“Everyone can protect the environment” was the easy answer we gave to the question of whether and how we as a company could contribute to the topic of environmental protection.

Our products, which give our customers the opportunity to advertise digitally and completely paper-free, are one aspect – however, we want to become a strong player when it comes to protecting our environment.

By offsetting our company emissions, we at Offerista want to contribute to environmental protection and take our commitment to sustainability out into the world. The “carbon-neutral” label as well as our certificate with ID number ensure transparency here.

  1. 1. Calculating the CO2 emissions
    Together with ClimatePartner, we identified the relevant sources of our company’s COemissions. The analysis and annual update of our records allows us to implement and manage measures to avoid and further reduce our carbon footprint.2. Offsetting COemissions through environmental protection projects
    Environmental protection projects reduce CO2, either through forestation measures or by replacing environmentally harmful technologies. By supporting the Mein Baum and Waldschutz-Projekt projects, we help to offset greenhouse gases.

    All ClimatePartner projects are certified to the highest international standards and independent third parties ensure that the measures are being implemented on site.

    3. Tracing carbon-neutrality
    Through the ClimatePartner process with order-related ID number, carbon-neutrality can be transparently traced: You can find the certificate of our carbon-neutrality with information on how much COthe company has offset and which environmental protection project we support at


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