This past year has been turned completely on its head, including the festive season, and 2020 has been a year of special circumstances (namely, COVID-19).

The lockdown measures in Austria during Black Friday and strict requirements for businesses in Germany until the end of the year are forcing retailers to be flexible in the way they advertise their offers.

During these final months of the year, when sales are most lucrative, it is important for many retailers to offer customers a COVID-safe shopping experience and continue their Christmas trade as normally as possible after Black Friday.

How are consumers planning to shop for Christmas in 2020?

We wanted to know more, so as part of an exclusive survey (content in German) by the Offerista Group in November, we asked Germans and Austrians across all age categories about their predicted shopping behaviour over Christmas.

Two-thirds of Austrians surveyed said they would purchase the majority of their gifts from retailers. Businesses there will be able to reopen from 7 December following the previous month’s lockdown. In Germany, half of those surveyed also intend to shop in local stores for Christmas gifts.

The difference compared to Austria in terms of online shopping behaviour is also very interesting: while in Austria only 13% of people intend to buy presents from online shopping providers such as Amazon or Wish, in Germany a fifth of those surveyed would purchase Christmas gifts online.

What sort of things will be lovingly wrapped and put under the tree?

According to the survey, Germans will mostly be buying entertainment-related gifts. This year, 41% are planning to give electronic items, books and games as gifts. The coronavirus has probably contributed to this increased interest in home entertainment. People are wanting to give Christmas presents that help pass the time, given that we are spending more time at home.

In Austria, clothes, shoes and accessories are the most popular items. Just nine percent of people surveyed put the “Experiences and Services” category on their shopping list, with consumer uncertainty also playing a role here. At present, nobody can truly predict the effects that COVID-19 will have on the future.

Read more interesting answers to questions on the channels that inspire potential customers and the importance of seasonal sales offers in the full survey.

Are you a retailer and want to promote your December offers to a wider audience?

With a cross-channel campaign, you can appeal to potential customers through various user-relevant channels to convey your advertising message to a wider audience.

As a shopper marketing network, the Offerista Group is always on hand to advise you and can help set up your individual campaign at short notice, letting you enjoy the pre-Christmas season and focus entirely on your customers.