When launching a product, every manufacturer hopes that it will quickly gain popularity among its target group. The cosmetic brand Vichy teamed up with Offerista Group in Bulgaria to achieve this and devised a unique campaign setup.


Since the Bulgarian market is oversaturated with a wide variety of cosmetics, the Vichy brand looked for (new) effective channels to assert itself against the competition and attract consumer attention.

After creating a digital “luxury catalogue” in which the new products were presented, the marketing objective was then to generate as many clicks as possible and arouse potential customer interest. Vichy’s target group was defined as women aged between 18 and 34.


Similarly to in Germany and in Austria, users were able to access digital brochures from various retail chains on Offerista’s Bulgarian sister platform,, along with drugstores and brands. Vichy’s luxury catalogue was promoted far and wide within 30 days through push notifications and display ads.

While the focus during the first few days was on showcasing the luxury catalogue with its new products, the second phase of the campaign was designed to promote sales. Interested users were continually activated through web pushes and transferred to the online shop of a selected drugstore chain via the mobile banner, where the new product was already available.


Vichy’s objective was to generate as many unique views as possible during the interest phase. Offerista’s effective advertising measures enabled Vichy to exceed its target KPI by 60%. More than 66,000 users were reached via web pushes during the second phase of the campaign. The click rate here was above average at 4.68%. The user structure within the campaign is broken down as follows: 75.8% of users reached were women, 37.2% of which were aged between 18 and 34. For the cosmetics manufacturer, the positioning among the right target group and accompanying commitment of potential customers was a complete success.