Dresden/Berlin, 21 January 2019 – The customer journey is becoming increasingly complex, while new technologies are simultaneously providing more and more options for linking digital measures to their offline advertising impact. Both are topics that have long been recognised by POCO’s furniture stores, and they have been successfully implemented in terms of the company’s digital strategy. POCO has opted for a user-centric, platform-independent approach (such as Google Ads & the Offerista Network) with the goal of sustainably increasing sales in its local stores.

The importance of ROPO for POCO
People who are concerned with the topic of furnishing and renovating are increasingly going online to find out more. “Online has become a very important channel in the buying process. Our goal is to offer each and every prospective customer a suitable starting point within the framework of our omnichannel strategy, regardless of whether they want to find out more about our range online or are ready to make a purchase,” says Marcel Bewersdorf. When sales are analysed, the company’s bricks-and-mortar stores form the clear focus. Therefore, it is essential for POCO to measure the impact of its online marketing on store visits, in order to be able to increase customer frequency specifically via digital campaigns.


  • To increase customer frequency in bricks-and-mortar stores
  • To increase sales in local stores
  • To minimise the cost per store visit
  • To strengthen internal acceptance that digital marketing works for local businesses

  • Cross-channel promotion of local offers across multiple platforms (e.g., Google Ads, Google MyBusiness, and Offerista Network)

  • Targeted regional broadcast of campaigns in the radius of the > 120 branches

  • Activation of potential customers through appropriate advertising messages and formats

  • Continuous measurement and optimisation of offline advertising impact (KPI: store visits) over a 12-month period

The measurement of advertising impact is based on Google Store Visit technology, as well as Offerista Store Visits. Within 12 months (comparison period of 3 months in each case), POCO was able to increase store visit rates across all channels by 323%. By simultaneously optimising CPCs, the cost per shop visit was reduced by € 1.23.

Google Store Visits verify link between online Advertising and offline impact
Dividing the marketing budget into effective digital channels plays a key role for POCO. In this context, POCO’s eCommerce return on advertising spend (RoAS) and online sales conversions have been important indicators to date. Meanwhile, further analysis and evaluation of the omnichannelRoAS has been included as an important part of the approach, as this evaluates the online approach and offline impact together. “Thanks toGoogle Store Visits, we now have a better understanding of which digital measures demonstrably bring customers to the market,” says Marcel Bewersdorf.


Case Study | POCO
“Omnichannel measurement is something that every retailer with both physical and online stores should be doing. It enabled us to see the complete picture and side-effects, which led to a better understanding of our customers’ decision and behavior.– Katja Frank, Performance Marketing Manager

About POCO
With more than 120 stores and a sales volume of approx. 1.6 billion euros in 2017, the company is one of the largest German suppliers in the self-service furniture segment, and is demonstrating consistent growth. In addition to the company’s own online store, the advertising of products on offer locally also plays a major role for the furniture retailer.

About Offerista Group
As a shopper marketing network, Offerista Group GmbH offers tailored digital solutions for the location-based marketing of offers and branches. Offerista implements cross-channel campaigns to ensure that advertising messages are transported across a wide range of user-relevant channels. We make consumers so curious about products that they go to the shops and buy them. With a team of more than 120 employees throughout Europe, Offerista provides cross-channel support for retailer and manufacturer brands across all industries at every point in the customer journey. In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, it has further sites in Berlin, Essen, Vienna, Sofia, Budapest and Bucharest. The managing directors are Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym.
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