Customer acquisition during special times: Möbel Debbeler focuses on customer centricity


Along with its numerous offers, the furniture industry also provides various sources of information for anyone interested in furniture. The product range is varied, particularly in the kitchen and interior design areas, and can therefore be promoted at any time of year.

This motivated Möbel Debbeler to realign its marketing strategy with a focus on digital measures to acquire new customers in a targeted way as well as reactivate existing customers based on their interests.

Together with Offerista Group, a campaign was implemented to firstly keep the target group informed of the latest information during the coronavirus pandemic. The focus was also on generating customer interest in purchasing furniture directly in store so that they would be encouraged to take a look at offers in store in future and benefit from the service.


 The impact of the coronavirus on the retail industry and the subsequent closures of countless stores across Germany was no reason for Möbel Debbeler to grind to a halt.

“Even during these difficult times, we wanted to use new media in a better way to stay in touch with our customers. Offerista won us over with its broad range of products and strong customer focus.” (Georg Debbeler, Managing Director)

With a combination of digital flyers, geopush notifications and a time frame of two months, the kitchen and furniture company drew attention to its two Visbek stores through targeted communication of its offers. CTR of more than 8% were achieved with a single geopush for the company’s anniversary offer. CTR more than doubled during other campaigns. (17%).

Although businesses were closed during this period, various offers could be advertised which were later available to customers in store after the reopening of furniture stores was permitted in April 2020.


Using diverse advertising measures with the help of Offerista’s premium partner network, a broad target group was reached and their attention drawn to products through the digital communication of offers, which they then viewed in store after its reopening. Using store visit tracking, Offerista was able to record over 800 customer visits to the two stores that resulted from the earlier online advertising campaign.

“The measurable success provided by working with Offerista, and which was visible to us after just a short time, speaks for itself. We were able to expand our customer base and acquire many new customers who had never heard of Möbel Debbeler before.”

Georg Debbeler

Managing Director

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