Store visits measurably increased through cross-channel strategy: Medimax reduces its costs per store visit fourfold


Faced with a wide range of potential advertising opportunities, large electronics firm MEDIMAX wanted to find ways to optimise and minimise the cost per store visit during its next advertising campaign. The company also wanted to focus on increasing customer frequency in both bricks-and-mortar branches and the online store.
The appropriate strategy should provide potential customers with comprehensive information about current offers and promotions, thus increasing branch sales as a consequence.


The cross-channel approach focused on Google placements. In order to make local offers more visible, selected items and promotions were advertised on Local Inventory Ads and Retail Listing (via Google MyBusiness) to ensure a high reach.

The campaign was set up to display products and ads within a selected geographical radius of each branch. This addressed regional target groups, thus activating them to visit a store near them.


Ads placed via Google LIAs and Google MyBusiness had a clear cross-channel effect. During the campaign, the online store recorded a conversion rate of 0.5%. The visitor rate in local stores was 17.3%.

The customer was clearly shown the potential for cost optimisation provided by Offerista’s precise measurement methods, which demonstrated a reduction in the cost per store visit from €5.12 to €1.82 within seven months.

As a result, Medimax’s ROAS (return on advertising spend) increased almost fivefold.

“Eines unserer wichtigsten Ziele ist es, die Kundenfrequenz zu erhöhen und volle Transparenz bei den Kosten zu behalten. Mit der Offerista Group haben wir einen starken Partner gefunden, der mit einer umfangreichen Cross-Channel Kampagne unsere lokalen Stores sichtbarer gemacht hat. Wir hatten jederzeit Einblick in die Performance und die erfolgreiche Optimierung der Kosten für einen Ladenbesuch sprechen für sich.”

Annette Grimsel

Head of Marketing, MEDIMAX Zentrale

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