Best Practice: Cross-channel strategy for food retailers

Customers no longer differentiate between offline and online or individual digital channels. It is important to reach consumers at the right touchpoint with the right message.  As a result, the following – mostly subconscious – expectations arise: Receiving (price) information online at the time of intent to buy in order to then purchase the (discounted) product advertised in store. The focus on cross-channel strategies is increasing, not least in the food retail area. In the wake of this, one of the largest food retailers commissioned the Offerista Group to reach out to new and existing customers via digital channels as part of a cross-channel campaign, attract them into the stores, maximise frequency and minimise the costs per unique user reached.

In order to meet the above-mentioned customer requirements and optimally distribute the campaign budget across the relevant advertising channels for the target group, a renowned food retailer was searching for a partner with the relevant expertise for cross-channel solutions and drive-to-store campaigns. The Offerista Group was hired to advertise upcoming new store openings in a targeted way through market modernisation. The clearly formulated campaign objective is to measure and increase store visits while minimising advertising costs and lowering costs per unique user.


With a respective duration of two weeks each (separated into pre-launch, launch and after-launch campaigns), the food retailer’s new openings and special offers are positioned cross-channel for the stores as defined above. The intelligent, local control not only takes place via the pull marketing channels of the wide-reaching Offerista network, but particularly through multiple, relevant channels for the target group:

 The order for the high-quality services of the Offerista Group with the aim of optimum customer output in terms of store visits and consumers/advertising contacts/unique users reached, includes in particular the cross-channel setup, ongoing optimisation and tailoring to the various platforms.

Cross-channel costs were effectively optimised as part of the new opening campaigns:

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As a shopper marketing network, Offerista Group GmbH offers tailored digital solutions for the location-based marketing of offers and branches. Offerista implements cross-channel campaigns to ensure that advertising messages are transported across a wide range of user-relevant channels. We make consumers so curious about products that they go to the shops and buy them. With a team of more than 120 employees throughout Europe, Offerista provides cross-channel support for retailer and manufacturer brands across all industries at every point in the customer journey. In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, it has further sites in Berlin, Essen, Vienna, Sofia, Budapest and Bucharest. The managing directors are Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym.
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