wogibtswas.at offers a digital compact solution for multichannel retailing after lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic began to affect retail businesses in spring 2020. The re-opening of local shops after lockdown has proven a significant turning point for the development of economic success in the retail industry. wogibtswas.at has been supporting the Douglas perfumery chain during these challenge times with a new focus on multichannel retailing. The customer objective comprises two areas: a) activation of the online shop and b) increasing frequency of in-store visits.
The approach

The aim of the campaign was to quickly generate high traffic, both in the online shop directly after launch and in the re-opened Douglas stores. For both of these different sales channels, wogibtswas.at and customers decided to use push notifications as its proven compact solution. This tool allows specific target groups to be addressed. In doing so, both objectives could be factored in at the same time.

For targeted online and offline activation, the push notification consisted of:

  1. the optimum user segment consisting of:
    wogibtswas.at app users who have previously visited a Douglas store and are interested in the drugstore sector.
  2. the implementation of store visits technology for tracking customer frequency in stores.
  3. adapting the measurement period to four days and restricting the time permitted in store (from five to 60 minutes).
The results

Four days after sending the push notification, the following results could be evaluated:

  • Result A, online: An opening rate of 34.35% was achieved through the targeted and individual control of the Douglas campaign. This value is significantly above the benchmark for the drugstore sector (20-25%). Additional losses were avoided by linking the push notifications to the online shop and total number of click-outs were directed straight to the online shop.
  • Result B, offline: The store visit evaluation showed that 14% of unique users who opened the push notification then visited a store. Since the chosen method of push notifications clearly communicated the desired advertising message even without opening it, a total of 17% of all push recipients were motivated to visit a Douglas store.

It is important to us to reach the right target group to avoid additional losses. With wogibtswas.at, we have found a strong partner who is able to significantly increase the frequency of visits both online and in store with specific targeting.

Christian Eckhardt

Authorised representative/E-commerce manager

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