Experience the special spirit of Offerista, which contributes to make about 120 Offeristas feel at home in Berlin, Dresden, Essen, Sofia, Bucharest & Budapest.


  • don’t like standing still but want to develop professionally and personally. AFTER ALL, you’ll be working with an ambitious and professional team, regularly receiving open and valuable feedback to help you progress.
  • you are a team player, since you will be expected to work closely with your colleagues and in a motivating working environment with absolute trust.
  • want responsibility from day 1. We are certain that you are an expert in your subject matter and so you will be given plenty of scope to bring your knowledge, skills and ideas to the table.
  • you want to actively help shape the future of our company. You think outside the box and enjoy sharing your ideas and visions with a team.
  • you are fun and passionate. Without doubt, you love what you do and don’t see your work as just a means to an ends.


Product Manager Web

I really appreciate that everybody here is open to feedback, always willing to help and also responsible, proactive and fun ???? I also like that I have my responsibilities and the freedom to do the things my own way and that my opinion really matters!


Product Manager Backend

Work life balance is respected here, management is interested in your growth, and you do feel that you and your work is actually valued. And yet it is challenging. You should join Offerista, because one day you gonna regret that you didn’t.


Head of Business Intelligence

There are no barriers, I have the possibility to act freely and to advance my area of responsibility. As a father of 2 small children, I also appreciate that Offerista offers me flexibility in terms of working hours – although I’m a manager and teamlead, I have the opportunity to work shorter.



Offerista is a great company where it’s fun to work together. You gain insights into many areas. You work with many nationalities and despite the size of the company, we work very closely together. The many team events contribute a lot to this.


People & Culture Manager

Since I conduct all interviews at Offerista, I make a significant impact on our culture. In all my interviews I try to find the best match for the role and for our culture. We are not looking for conservative suits, but for positive, open-minded, innovative and creative people who think outside the box, and it doesn’t matter where someone comes from, what gender or sexual orientation they have. We are looking for special personalities and I’ll never stop exploring how to find them! ????



I absolutely love it because here we combine the agility of a startup with the power and impact of a bigger corporation. And actually it just started! The shift to digital in retail marketing just began and we want to expand our leading position in transforming the industry. Join us! 🙂


Digital Marketing Specialist

Working at Offerista is much more than just going to work every day. It is more like being together with a lot of amazing and ambitious people, challenging yourself on every single day and aiming for one common goal: to have an impact!


Head of IT Infrastructure

During my tenure at Offerista I have seen our Infrastructure grow from a single, shared server, running in a corner of our office, to a huge, distributed Cloud-Environment. This all has only been possible by continuously evaluating, implementing and maintaining new and exciting technologies.


CEO Offerista Group Austria GmbH

I personally choose to work for Offerista because we have a business field with a bright future, because I feel every day that we as employees are the most important asset of this group and because I love this positive motivated atmosphere within the team.


Feel Good Manager

Woof! Woof!


  1. Are the online job vacancies up to date?
    Yes, our online job vacancies are updated daily and are always kept up to date.
  2. What application documents do you need from me?
    The more you tell us about you, the better the idea we can get of you. You’ll need to provide a CV as well as references and certificates. Do you have Xing or a LinkedIn profile? Then you can send a link to your profile instead of a CV.
  3. How do I apply with Offerista?
    You must always apply online. Please use the online form provided (PreScreen) below the job description. You can also send an email to jobs@offerista.com with the required documents sent as a PDF file.
  4. Who can I contact if I have any queries?
    You can email (jobs@offerista.com) or call your contact Jenny on (+49 30 6098396 – 21).
  5. What happens after I submit my application? How does the application process work?
    You will receive confirmation that your application has been received within 48 hours. Your documents will then be reviewed by the relevant department. You will soon receive feedback and information about the next step. If your application has been successful, we will conduct a telephone interview with you to get to know you. This will be followed by 1 – 2 interviews in-person at one of our offices as well as a task and trial day.
  6. Which speculative applications do you accept? Which application is promising?
    If there are currently no positions available for you, you can send us a speculative application for the following areas: Key Account Management & Account Management, Marketing, PR, Backend, Mobile Development, Product Management, IT Infrastructure and People & Organisation.
  7. What will my initial training plan and my first day at Offerista involve?
    Congratulations! You made it! We look forward to welcoming you to our team. The corresponding department and your manager will now integrate you, show you your office and present you to your colleagues. Your team leader will create a training plan to support you during the first 4 – 6 weeks.
  8. What happens to my data?
    You must consent to the privacy policy upon creating a user account via the PreScreen online form. There you will find all the relevant information regarding the use of your data, transfer to third parties, your rights regarding stored data and your right of withdrawal. Please read this through carefully. You can of course contact us at any time if you have any questions (see point 4.)