The distinctive essence of Offerista encompasses various elements: a spirit of challenge, a wellspring of inspiration, and, of course, a generous dose of enjoyment. Regardless of your background or origin, we are captivated by your uniqueness and skills. We provide an ideal platform for you to unveil your talents, fostering both professional and personal growth.

With us You will feel comfortable and unique:

Our Workplace team ensures your first day is taken care of, making you feel truly special. We provide opportunities essential for your daily tasks because every employee is significant to us, bringing forth unique talents and skills. We believe in our team members, entrusting them with responsibilities right from day one.

We like to be together and Have Fun

Whether it’s routine team-building events, casual post-work gatherings over beer, or daily team lunches, our distinction lies in the strength of our team. Mutual support is our foundation, and we deeply appreciate each individual. We prioritize an inclusive and diverse corporate culture, where everyone can bring forth their unique strengths. We take joy in the expanding diversity of our team. Oh, and it’s worth noting, we host exceptional team-building activities in major European cities.

Casual is our office Outfit

Prefer rocking a t-shirt and trainers? No worries! Even our CEO, Ben, shows up in flip-flops. We foster a laid-back “you” culture, whether you’re a student intern or a manager. This vibe extends to casual FIFA games during lunch breaks. Fun fact: our meeting rooms in Berlin bear names inspired by Star Wars characters.

Work life balance BALANCE 

We prioritize achieving a healthy work-life balance. Our fully flexible and trust-based working hours, along with customizable working time models, empower you to structure your work in a way that accommodates personal responsibilities. Additionally, the option for a sabbatical provides the freedom to take an extended break when needed.


Many of our Offeristas are parents, and their children are warmly welcomed as guests in the office.. Throughout the year, we arrange activities for families, like baking cookies during the Christmas season. Embracing a family-friendly ethos, we provide childcare grants to support the younger generation of Offeristas. Additionally, our office is dog & cat-friendly, extending a warm welcome to our furry friends ( We are really happy when you bring your sweet dogs & cats…)


Our bible? The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries. It’s not just our developers who work with agile methods. OKR’s, KANBAN, time timer, Design Thinking & Co. use this in all departments from marketing and people&culture, sales to the front desk. True to the motto “Build – measure – learn”, we avoid lengthy planning and reach our goals step-by-step. And if things don’t work out? No problem. It’ll work next time.

Our Podcast – Talent Talk

Get a deep insight into our Offerista world as we are on our exciting journey to becoming the market leader in digital retail marketing.
  • What are the cases, Offerista’s solution is needed for?
  • How does Offerista provide the best solution to reach retail shoppers?
  • Where are Offerista’s clients based?
  • What is the big vision behind Offerista’s daily doing?
  • What does it take to become part of our #teamfuckingawesome?
  • And maybe most importantly, what’s in it for you?

Talent Talk provides all the information necessary, so you can decide if you want to join us on our mission to transform retail.

Episode 1: The Big Picture
What we do at Offerista

We invite you to get to know Offerista, what our business model is and why we believe in the transformation from print to digital.

In episode 1

In this episode we, Lisa and Marina, part of our People & Culture team will introduce you to our Offerista world. Furthermore, we will give you an overview of our exciting Offerista cases and the industries of our customers. We recommend this episode for those who want to gain a general overview of what our business is and find out what transformation from print to digital means to us.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of our agile and open-minded work culture by submitting your application today. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Be sure to listen to episodes 2 to 5 as well since they will give you a deeper insight into our values and why you should join us in our vision of becoming Europe’s market leader in digital retail marketing.

Episode 2: What we OFFERista
Our DNA and who we are looking for

Working together means putting in your best every day to achieve a common goal. That’s only possible if we match on a professional level and share key values.

In episode 2

The company’s values create its heart – that’s why in this episode you’ll learn about exactly that: our values. You will learn why being open-minded is important to us and to all of our teams at Offerista.
We call ourselves #teamfuckingawesome for a reason.

Why that is AND what the Offerista Fire means, is explained to you in this episode. Extra tip: if you love to travel, there are certain cases where Offerista will cover your travel expenses once you become a team member – so better listen up! To sum up, by the help of this episode you will help you develop an understanding of our
Offerista spirit, so that you can evaluate whether we are a perfect match – both career-wise and in terms of a common mindset.

If you can’t wait to join our team, be sure to submit your application today. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Our recommendation: also listen to episodes 1 and 3-5 as they will help you understand our business and why you should be working with us to achieve our vision of becoming Europe’s market leader in digital retail marketing.

Episode 3: The Inside Story
Meet our co-founder Ben and our CMO Nicole and get inspired

Our Offerista co-founder Ben shares his founding vision with you. In addition, he discusses the fast-paced digital market with our CMO Nicole.

In episode 3

Our co-founder Ben is highly motivated to revolutionise the way retailers communicate their offers – from the old-fashioned print solution to a digital approach. In this episode, find out why Ben believes paper flyers belong in the past.

Moreover, our CMO Nicole reflects on the beginnings of Offerista, a little piece of Offerista history. Most importantly though, Ben and Nicole share their vision for Offerista in this rapidly changing market to you.

You’re curious? So are we, about you! Be sure to hand in your application today and let’s grow together! We are looking forward to meeting you.

Want to get to know our mindset and values a little better? Then episodes 1 and 2 are for you – don’t miss out on them.

Episode 4: Be Part Of Our Journey
Hop on and become an Offerista team member

What steps do you need to take to apply for your dream job at Offerista? We have dedicated an entire episode to this topic.

In episode 4

What exactly does the People & Culture team focus on? And what does it have to do with you? That is what episode 4 is all about.
Listen carefully as we talk about the recruiting process and the steps in detail.

What happens once you submit your application? Who will respond to you? And where exactly will your interviews take place? Now we invite you to apply as it only takes a few clicks. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Want to get to know us better first? No a problem, just listen to episodes 1 to 3.

Episode 5: Growth Opportunities
How our growth trails boost your career at Offerista

Three trails, three mentors, for three different kinds of talents. No matter if you consider yourself a specialist or a generalist, there is a suitable Offerista growth trail waiting for you – listen to this episode to find out what they are.

In episode 5

In this final episode Carline, Yvonne and Andy introduce themselves to you. Why is that? Because they can give you a good insight into our growth trails by sharing their own development story at Offerista. It may sound complicated at first, but with the help of our 3 pros, you will be able to paint a clear picture regarding your growth opportunities. Be it in our Professional, Expert or the Leadership Trail. However, each specific trail requires a certain skill set. What are they? Carline, Andy and Yvonne provide the answers.

To sum up, whether you are a generalist or an expert in a certain field, we provide a compatible trail that allows you to grow.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of our agile and open-minded work culture by submitting your application today. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Be sure to listen to episodes 1 to 4 as well, as they will give you an understanding of our values and why we call ourselves #teamfuckingawesome.



love & live · transparency · show attitude · feel & be responsible


operational excellence · take risks· Champions League · inquisitive · get better every day


communication · experience· (re)evaluation · sharing


less is more · start finishing · OKR-based · priorities · relevance and necessity · knowing what we don't want


data driven · hypothesis based · proactively plan & act


empathie · feedback · respect · strengthen strengths · visibility · gratitude · praise & recognition

The satisfaction of our Offeristas is important to us.


Our employee survey (2018) and our weekly teambay surveys deliver results of which we are proud:

  • 90.5% of Offeristas like the working environment at Offerista
  • 100% of Offeristas agree that their managers encourage independent working
  • 97.6% of Offeristas enjoy coming to work
  • 93.8% of Offeristas would recommend a friend to apply to Offerista
  • 90% of Offeristas view their colleagues as friends
  • 100% of Offeristas understand the extent to which they contribute to the success of the company



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