Increased store visits thanks to Drive-to-Store marketing: cable network operator UNITYMEDIA reaches store visit rates of up to 27%

Local retail marketing plays an important role in increasing store visit frequency and building revenue in the approximately 150 so-called “own” and “branded” stores in which Unitymedia is represented. In addition, Unitymedia is also represented in several large outlets (such as MediaMarktSaturn, Conrad, Real) and specialist shops (such as Mobilcom-Debitel).
The challenge

Unitymedia is noticeably affected by the pressure from online trade and fluctuations in local store visit frequency. Due to the changing ways we are using media and the associated decrease in the efficiency of traditional advertising, Unitymedia is looking for new ways to reach new and existing customers, and wants to increase both the visibility of its stores and the number of store visits. Unitymedia’s stores need efficient frequency drivers which reach customers with the right message at the perfect point in the customer journey, and which measurably increase the store visit rate.

The approach

In collaboration with the Offerista Group, experts in digital retail marketing, since December 2018 Unitymedia has been relying on a mix of digital push-and-pull channels to increase the store visit frequency. Wide-reaching, cross-channel advertising campaigns have been implemented to highlight seasonal peaks (e.g. Easter, Christmas), to communicate promotional events (such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday), and to target specific consumer groups (such as back-to-school campaigns), in addition to communicating current offers. Geo-targeting and interest-based targeting enable the communication of local offers to existing customers and potential new customers (including lookalikes) in the vicinity of stores. In order to maximise the campaign’s ROAS, smart algorithms are used to optimise cross-channel communication in accordance with store visit rates.

The results

Unitymedia’s stores work in different ways – as is shown by the Offerista Group’s 8-month cross-channel campaign. The campaign achieved a store visit rate of up to 27% (an uplift of 87% within the campaign period). The best conversion rates were achieved within a 2-5km radius of the stores. At Unitymedia’s own stores, the catchment area was even larger. Overall, a ROAS of 394% was achieved.

* Store visit up to 7 days after advertising contact

“We are investing a large proportion of our budget in digital channels. Therefore, it is essential that they can demonstrate the effect we want. The Offerista Group is a strong partner, helping us to grow our store visit frequency and significantly increase the reach of our promotions.”

Ulrike Moll

Senior Marketing Manager / Trade Marketing - Unitymedia

About the Offerista Group
The Offerista Group ( is the largest provider of digital retail marketing in the DACH region. Through its own channels and network of publishers (e.g. FOCUS Online, MeineStadt and Google), Offerista communicates retailers’ digital offering through cross-channel campaigns. This unique combination enables the company to address more than half of consumers locally through push-and-pull campaigns. Offerista links online measures to their impact on local businesses, thus meaning that the success of campaigns can be measured at the POS by tracking store visits and calculating sales contributions. The company employs over 100 people at its headquarters in Dresden and at sites in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Paris and Vienna. The managing directors are Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym.

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