Each year, 36 kilograms of paper end up in the letterboxes of German households.
With more than 33 million households, this corresponds to 1.2 billion kilograms of paper waste being produced each year (source: and advertising post is often thrown away without even being read.
This enormous paper consumption and the carbon footprint linked to printing and printer ink all contribute to an environmental imbalance. As a result, more potential customers are now putting “no advertising” signs on their letterboxes.

But what are the alternatives for retailers to effectively and regularly contact consumers in future while protecting the environment?

Making your customers aware of your commitment to the environment is a great opportunity

In an exclusive study by Offerista for the German specialist publication Lebensmittel Praxis, 1,233 consumers aged over 18 in the DACH region were asked between May and June 2020 how important environmental factors were to them when shopping. 60% of those surveyed said that sustainable packaging was particularly important to them.

These findings offer great potential when advertising your offers:
By avoiding paper, you can support the interests of your customers.
Digital channels convey your advertising message in a more targeted way and you can reach consumers on their most personal device: their smartphone.

Increased use of online discount sites

In Austria, the active use of online discount sites and apps, which provide digital brochures, increased in the last four years (2016 – 2020) from 31.5% to 41.4%. In 2020, digital advertising measures have already replaced traditional flyersfor 35% of Austrians. (Flyer study by
A similar trend can also be seen in Germany:
in 2017 alone, the number of people rejecting promotional advertising was 25% in Germany and rose to 28% within three years. (

Change of mindset when implementing advertising budget

The distribution of advertising budgets is changing significantly.
A current statistic shows that, for the first time in 2020, digital advertising in Germany accounted for a larger proportion of total sales in the advertising industry than traditional (print) advertising. According to Statista Advertising & Media Outlook, the proportion this year will be 51 percent. The forecast according to Statista dictates that this proportion will continually increase by 3.8 percent over the next few years. (Source: Infographic: Digital advertising on the rise)

Flexibility is a major advantage of digital channels. In times of coronavirus, it is important for retailers to quickly and easily adapt their advertising message to inform customers about new opening hours or offers, for example.

This is a huge advantage for consumers as they can easily stay up to date online and view the latest offers from their favourite stores on their smartphone.

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