Organic wholesalers Alnatura, in cooperation with the Offerista Group, are setting their sights on digital retail marketing with a focus on digitisation and sustainability. They are appealing to new and existing customers via digital channels to inform them about current market offers. Various push-and-pull channels form the heart of the campaign, ensuring an efficient approach and maximising offline ROAS.
The challenge

Following the discontinuation of its print brochures in 2018, Alnatura decided to evaluate efficient, appropriate digital alternatives to inform customers about local offers, and to measurably increase the frequency of store visits. In order for the approach to be effective, it is important to address the right user at the right time with the right message via the right channel. In collaboration with the Offerista Group, Alnatura set up a complete test scenario for a cross-channel (push & pull) campaign in order to maximise local visibility and frequency of store visits.

The approach

During the 4-month test (April – July 2019), the organic wholesaler’s promotional offers from the participating test markets were advertised across channels on appropriate platforms – for example the Bring! shopping app, barcoo and other Offerista network platforms. The Offerista Group focused on optimising the campaigns for the main KPI (offline ROAS) across all relevant platforms through the use of AI-driven delivery, optimised targeting of consumer groups, and smart management at a local level.

The interaction between push & pull campaigns to appeal to new customers (e.g. via targeted push notifications) and to activate existing customers was continuously optimised across all relevant channels in order to maximise store visits.

The results

The campaign achieved a store visit rate of 9% in Alnatura branches (an uplift of 82% within the campaign period). As well as attracting customers to the markets through “pull” measures, the campaign appealed to potential new customers via interest-based push notifications, achieving an engagement rate of 12.6%, of which 11% subsequently visited a store.

* Store visit up to 7 days after advertising contact

“Approaching customers via digital channels is increasingly important for us in effectively appealing to potential Alnatura customers. The Offerista Group is an expert in digital retail marketing, and has proved to be a reliable partner when planning and implementing drive-to-store campaigns.”

Christoph Hosseus

Department Manager, Alnatura Digital | Marketing

About the Offerista Group
The Offerista Group ( is the largest provider of digital retail marketing in the DACH region. Through its own channels and network of publishers (e.g. FOCUS Online, MeineStadt and Google), Offerista communicates retailers’ digital offering through cross-channel campaigns. This unique combination enables the company to address more than half of consumers locally through push-and-pull campaigns. Offerista links online measures to their impact on local businesses, thus meaning that the success of campaigns can be measured at the POS by tracking store visits and calculating sales contributions. The company employs over 100 people at its headquarters in Dresden and at sites in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Paris and Vienna. The managing directors are Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym.

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