3 reasons why push notifications are retail marketing’s hidden champion in 2020

Push notifications have long been an integral part of almost every news website. Users have become accustomed to being asked whether they want notifications or not. If they agree, they receive relevant messages directly to their desktop or smartphone. But these notifications are not solely beneficial for news items; retailers can also take advantage of them. The Offerista Group, the leading provider of digital retail marketing in the DACH region, has been implementing an increasing number of push campaigns for retailers since 2019. Benjamin Thym, Managing Director of Offerista Group GmbH, sees great opportunities for retail and provides 3 reasons why push notifications are retail marketing’s hidden champion in 2020.

  1. An alternative to cookies

The cookie debate is causing retailers to rethink their approach and look for alternatives. Push notifications are only played if users have given their consent. It is also possible to ask about their interests, for example which topics and brands they prefer. This allows ads to be targeted very specifically and individually.

  1. Above-average engagement rates

Compared to other push channels such as mailshots or display advertising, push notifications have above-average engagement rates, not least because they appear in a native environment and are desired by the user. The most recent example is a campaign for KIA in Austria at the end of 2019. The click-through rate rose from 5.93% to 17.43% within four campaign phases.

  1. Versatile applications throughout the entire customer journey

Push notifications are an “all-round measure” because they can be used throughout the entire customer journey: in particular to address new customers, for seasonal campaigns or to provide information about new store openings or Sunday opening. The retargeting options for campaigns enable retailers to build loyalty in customers who have already bought from them. And location-based push notifications are used by manufacturers who want to introduce or promote new products across retailers.

Benjamin Thym, Managing Director of the Offerista Group, explains: “We are clearly focused on the drive-to-store effect. Push notifications have a clear activation potential, similar to classic printed sales materials, only much more present on the most personal of all devices: your own smartphone.”

About Offerista Group GmbH
Offerista Group GmbH is the leading provider of digital retail marketing in the DACH region. In Europe, the company has a reach of 39.5 million definitely reached consumers per month. “We make our customers’ customers so curious about products that they head to the stores and make purchases.” Our digital solutions apply a 360° approach to the location-based marketing of offers and stores. We pick up our customers and provide them with individual advice according to their needs. With a team of more than 110 employees in Europe, Offerista provides cross-channel support for retailer and manufacturer brands across all industries throughout their journey to customers. In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, Offerista has further sites in Berlin, Essen, Vienna, Paris, Sofia, Budapest and Bucharest. The managing directors are Tobias Bräuer and Benjamin Thym.

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