Europe's Shopper Marketing Network


Reach new customers exactly where consumers are inspired. Across a wide variety of platforms, increase the visibility of your offerings and generate interest in your new products, location openings, or highlight products. Use cases:


  • Store openings
  • New product launches
  • Branding/image campaigns
  • Seasonal highlights


Target both new and existing customers when they check out current local offers. Secure lasting visibility amidst a shopping-savvy target audience through cross-platform visibility of your offers. Sample use cases:


  • Advertising your weekly offers
  • permanent visibility in the environment of your customers
  • Strengthening individual stores to increase ROI


It takes six touchpoints to make a purchase: We place you within highly converting environments and thus directly in the buying process of your customers. Reach consumers with your offers directly at the moment of the purchase decision. Sample use cases:


  • Activation of new and existing customers
  • Re-targeting loyal and disloyal customers
  • Promotion of weekly offers and seasonal highlights

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