Offerista Group, the main provider of digital commercial marketing in the DACH region, is merging with Prospecto Group, the leading provider of digital marketing solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Offerista and Prospecto customers will largely benefit from a wider coverage of at least 39.5 million consumers in Europe each month

Advertise across a wide-reaching network, activate new customers, increase sales, and only pay when consumers actually interact with your advert. With Offerista Engage you can draw attention to your services and advertising messages. With our high engagement ads, we create tailored brand products for your products, services and content.

Digital marketing options are becoming more complex on a daily basis, and new channels and technologies offer a wide range of options for communicating local offers. Using the wrong channels or not having the expertise to optimise campaigns are sure-fire ways to burn money.

Have you ever wondered how many times you can get people to read your digital brochures with the same budget you are currently investing in your print distribution? Our success calculator for digital brochure distribution answers your question. It shows you exactly how much you can increase your reach by investing in digital brochures, or how much you can save on your marketing budget by shifting from print to digital. Try it now and convince yourself of the efficiency of digital brochure distribution!

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Your top partner for digital commercial marketing

At the Offerista Group, we develop state-of-the-art digital technology and have the largest consumer network in the DACH region. Reach 39.8 million consumers with innovative location-based marketing straight from your smartphone.

Advertise your services, offers and digital brochures in an optimised cross-channel way. Activate consumers, benefit from more visitors at PoS and measurably increase your sales.

Discover Offerista – Your top partner for digital commercial marketing.

Our Customers

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Individual solutions


Wide-reaching advertising via our premium publisher network

Push Network

Reach up to 3.7 million customers with your NR. 1 for push notification sales

Retail Listing

Gain maximum attention through Google Search & Google Maps

Offerista Engage

Powerful display ads with efficiency guarantee

Local Inventory Ads

Local Product advertisement with maximum reach

Dynamic Flyer

Creating mobile-optimised brochures from your individual products


As a premium Google Partner with many years of retail expertise, we are your specialist for local retail campaigns. We maximise visibility for your local services, increase frequency at PoS and boost sales in your stores.

Your benefits

Large network

Activate up to 39.8 million customers with the largest multichannel consumer network in the DACH region – including those who do not wish to receive promotional mail and customers outside of your advertising mail distribution area.


We measure your campaign success up to POS: We know how many digital brochure readers visit your stores, how long they stay for and how much they contribute to sales (ROAS).


These only work if they actually interact with your advertisements. This allows you to optimise your budget and save costs. Calculate the coverage and efficiency of your advertising mail using the Offerista Success calculator

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